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     Glad to report that Barnsbury Carpet Cleaning handled my end of tenancy cleaning superbly, and thanks to them, I got my deposit back. I can't thank the team enough.
Emma S19/05/2020
     I have been using this cleaning service for a few months. They clean my flat twice monthly. They do a very good job and are fairly inexpensive.
Carol H.19/09/2019
      Barnsbury Carpet Cleaning Services gave me a good price and said all of the right things. I went ahead and booked their team and the cleaners who came around got on with the job right away and just did a terrific job. I was thrilled with the deep cleaning service. They tackled all of those problem areas, seemingly with ease. I've already recommended their team to others. I'll be using them again for deep cleaning, for sure.
Daniel M.18/04/2019
     My mom was in hospital for about two weeks. I hired Carpet Cleaning Company Barnsbury to clean her house, before she was discharged from the hospital. The place was spotless. The fridge and the oven looked like brand new. The cleaning lady didn't miss a single spot. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs quick and affordable cleaning services.
Hannah S.21/07/2016
     I own an estate agency and for the past five years Barnsbury Carpet Cleaning Services has been working for us. Their work is excellent, and attention to detail is first class. I would also like to point out that their staff is always polite and hard working. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. You guys have been a great help for us.
Martin S.23/06/2016
     The automobile oil and petrol marks in the garage have been really difficult for us to deal with. Barnsbury Carpet Cleaning Services got them all scrubbed clean as a part of the house cleaning contract. The eyesore is finally gone. We recommend their service for deep cleaning.
Barbra N.19/08/2015
     What I love most about Barnsbury Carpet Cleaning is their customer support, pricing and structure of payment. I have never had any issues with their cleaning techniques or teams. I must admit that their cleaning services are superior to those of a lot of other cleaning agencies I have hired previously. Thank you for the superb job!
Lucy Bob08/05/2015
     I've only has the pleasure of using BarnsburyCarpetCleaners's home cleaning service once so far, but I was so impressed with what I saw that this is soon to be my regular cleaning company! This is a company that uses the best equipment, has friendly and hardworking staff, and isn't ridiculously overprices. For me, this is the best cleaning company I could use, and their customer service is absolutely excellent. Top notch!
     I was undergoing home removal and things were moving quickly. I found myself very busy and had not time to see to the cleaning. On the advice of a friend, I called BarnsburyCarpetCleaners for help. They were able to take care of every cleaning chore for me while I focused on my move. The process when smoother because of it and I thank them greatly for what they've done. Like my friend, I will recommend them to anyone about to undergo a move.
Wilson Arden18/12/2014
     There is nothing I like less than spending my weekend spring cleaning and I am very glad I had the sense to use BarnsburyCarpetCleaners to do all the hard work for me. This is a very efficient cleaning company that cleans quickly and very thoroughly, leaving nothing out and using the best and most powerful products on the market. The cleaning I have had from this cleaning company is of the very highest standard and the staff they send to me are very friendly and well spoken, and all of them are honest local cleaners with real pride in their work.
     I have hired BarnsburyCarpetCleaners for a number of different cleaning projects around the house and I can't imagine working with other cleaning agencies. From the time I needed an oven cleaning service to having my sofas professionally dry-cleaned, this team has always done a fabulous job and charged fair for it. As one of the premier cleaning companies in the city, you cannot go wrong with them. The best quality is how courteous and friendly the cleaners are: they're always ready to take a moment to explain their techniques and products to you and love to get your input. A team of all-rounders on the whole!
Blair G.19/09/2014
     My house is always a bit hectic, with my little sisters running around. There's no keeping them still sometimes, and the house can get turned upside down in an instant. So, to stop my parents from losing their minds, my brother and I pooled our cash together to hire BarnsburyCarpetCleaners for the day. As it turns out, it was the best present we could have gotten them! Their staff were friendly and took care of the messes in practically no time at all. My mum and dad were so proud, they've hired them a few more times since then!
Anne-Marie T.29/08/2014
     I was astounded when I walked into my friends flat to find that the usual piles of rubbish and stubborn carpet stains had somehow vanished. Naturally I kept interrogating and bothering him until he finally admitted that it was all down to the work of BarnsburyCarpetCleaners. Before then, I'd never even considered hiring a cleaner but now that I've had a taste of what it's like, there's no going back. I've always tried to keep my house clean and tidy but since my cleaner has been around, any attempt I've tried to make on my own never quite lives up to her standards.
     I absolute love finishing work nowadays. I used to dread walking through the door only to spend two hours, cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, washing up, putting a wash on. By the time I had done everything and put the kids to bed I was exhausted and ready for bed myself and work the next day. Now I can arrive home and relax, cook some lovely food for tea and spend quality time with my children. Well worth the expense, these cleaners really are the real deal. I think everybody needs these guys in their home, they are incredibly hardworking and friendly and they deserve all of their success as a company. Hire BarnsburyCarpetCleaners cleaners!
Jenny M.30/06/2014
     I really did think our sofas were beyond help, and my husband was preparing himself to fork out for new. But when we had friends over they recommended BarnsburyCarpetCleaners, telling us all about what a great job they had done on their sofas when faced with a similar situation. So we gave them a call and booked a professional upholstery clean, which was considerably cheaper than new sofas! The results were, as promised, absolutely superb and we were really pleased that we didn't have to get rid of a suite of which we had grown really fond. Great recommendation from our friends, so we are doing the same here!
T. Marston30/01/2014

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